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Research Team

Current students

Zhaoran (Eric) Hou
PhD student

  • Interests: Computational statistics, Bayesian methods
  • Project: Protein structure prediction using sequential Monte Carlo
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  • Shiyu He
    PhD student

  • Interests: Bayesian analysis, Spatial-temporal analysis
  • Projects: Analysis of sequence and structure data for the COVID-19 spike protein; Prediction of flexural properties of lumber crossarms.
  • Yunfeng Yang
    PhD student, co-supervised with Martin Lysy

  • Bayesian analysis of damage from proof-loading experiments
  • Multimodel Bayesian inference of Load Duration Effects in Lumber Reliability
  • Yuying Huang
    PhD student

  • Interests: Computational statistics, Bayesian methods, Statistical applications
  • Project: Boundary detection for seismic design of wood-frame buildings
  • Mingwei Xu
    PhD student, co-supervised with Peijun Sang
    David Awosoga
    MMath Data Science student

  • Interests: Sports Analytics, Spatiotemporal Data Analysis, Bayesian Modelling
  • Project: Performance Evaluation of Defenders in Volleyball
  • Tyler Verhaar
    First year MMath student in Statistics

  • Project: Protein structure error distribution estimation using machine learning
  • Alumni

    Saptarshi Chakraborty
    Ph.D. 2018, co-supervised with Kshitij Khare

    Markov Chain Monte Carlo applications and computational methods.

  • Bayesian analysis of coupled cellular and nuclear trajectories for cell migration
  • BAMBI: An R package for Fitting Bivariate Angular Mixture Models
  • Circular correlation coefficients for bivariate von Mises distributions on a torus
  • Current position: Assistant Professor of Biostatistics, State University of New York at Buffalo

    Cassandra Wong
    MMath 2023 in computational mathematics

  • Essay title: Molecular Dynamics Analysis of the Conformational Flexibility of Loops in the SARS-CoV2 Spike Protein
  • Mengxiao (Elinor) Wang
    MMath 2021

  • Essay title: COVID-19 in British Columbia: Modelling regional spread and the impact of physical distancing measures.
  • Wanlu Xu
    MMath 2021

  • Essay title: Strength Prediction and Simulation for Grade Quality Assurance
  • Zongjun Liu
    Research assistant 2019-2021

  • Protein structure energy models with application to the coronavirus Spike protein
  • R package abcADM: Fit Accumulated Damage Models and Estimate Reliability using Approximate Bayesian Computation
  • Reddit is gold :)
  • Current position: PhD student in Medical Biophysics at U of Toronto.

    Shuxian Fan
    Graduate research assistant 2019-2020, co-supervised with Jim Zidek

  • Characterizing Uncertainty through Bayesian Hierarchical Models in Structural Engineering: New Approaches for Characterizing the Tensile Strength of Lumber Based on a Spatial Distribution of Knots
  • Current position: PhD student in Statistics, University of Washington

    Katherine Kempfert
    Undergraduate research assistant 2017-2019


  • Composer classification of Mozart and Haydn string quartets
  • Nonlinear Dimension Reduction Methods with Kernel Variations
  • Current position: PhD student in Statistics, University of California Berkeley

    Megan Hazlett
    Undergraduate research assistant 2017-2018

    Education: MS Analytics @ Northwestern University; BS Statistics @ University of Florida

  • Project: compas - An R package for Conformational Manipulations of Protein Atomic Structures
  • Exploring the relationship between seasons and music listening habits
  • Current position: Product Analyst, Data Scientist @ Verily Life Sciences (Google)